OPTP introduces the SMARTROLLER®, a uniquely designed, extremely resilient, ‘two-in-one’ foam roller. This patented foam roller has one side that is flatter and one side that is rounder, making it one of the most versatile foam rollers available!


The rounder side of the SMARTROLLER increases roller movement, while the flatter side decreases movement.  The SMARTROLLER is also made of closed-cell cross-linked molded foam technology, it’s one of the most durable foam rollers you can buy.

The SMARTROLLER can be cleaned with dishwashing detergent or laundry detergent and a wet cloth.

Approximately 36″ x  4″

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SMARTROLLER Guide to Optimal Movement

SMARTROLLER Guide to Optimal Movement

NEW Manual ~ SMARTROLLER Guide to Optimal Movement written by Stacy Barrows, PT.  Drawing on the priciples of the Feldenkrais Method as well as the latest neuroscience and fascial research, the manual guides the reader through non-traditional exercises.

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