The OPTP Soft Foam Roller™


Patients are able to practice balance and gentle weight shifting with a total sense of security with OPTP’s soft blue foam roller. Decompresses to approximately 2″ when in use.

*Available only in blue, 36″ x 6″, full-roller.



The softest PRO-ROLLER available! Unlike firm rollers, the OPTP PRO-ROLLER™ Soft provides gentle compression support for added comfort. Lightly textured, marbled surface provides a tactile feel that eases tight and/or sore areas. The OPTP PRO-ROLLER™ Soft is made with closed-cell cross-linked foam technology so it maintains its shape, even with heavy use.

*Available only in pink marble, 36″ x 6″, full-roller.

Michael King Soft Roller

Michael King Soft Roller

This roller was designed to help improve the mobility of the spine and release tension. This unique roller was designed by Michael King, an internationally recognized dancer and Pilates instructor for over 30 years.

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